Vitamin D 5000iu

Our Healthy Step Vitamin D tablets have been developed as a high potency solution to keeping up your levels during these darker autumn & winter days. These tiny 5000iu tablets mean you need only take one tablet to achieve a really effective dose of essential Vitamin D.
Each pot contains 60 small tablets which are easy to take regularly.


Product Description

Only small amounts of vitamin D are obtained from eating animal products, such as oily fish, although some foods are now fortified with vitamin D during manufacture. Most of human vitamin D comes from exposure to sunlight. In some parts of the planet this can be a challenge, especially in winter, complicated by modern indoor work and leisure activities. Half an hour of daily sunshine in the middle of the day in light-skinned people will produce around 50 000 IU (International Units) of vitamin D3 (Yu et al, 2009), but what if you are unable you get that sunshine?

Vitamin D supplements hold a simple and cheap solution to maintaining the body’s vitamin D levels. Intake of vitamin D supplements seems to be associated with decreases in total mortality rates (Autier and Gandini, 2007). Supplementation should only be necessary if you cannot get out into the sun for a few days. One problem is that there is disagreement as to what the correct daily requirements for vitamin D should be to gain the most benefit. The answer will be different for different people because of climate, diet and sun exposure. However, there is agreement that the over 70’s and pregnant women require more than children and younger adults.

If you suspect you have low vitamin D, or you have not seen the sun for weeks and you haven’t been taking vitamin D supplements, then taking 5000 IU daily for a week should help to bring your levels up. A dose of 5000 IU (125 µg) every two days should be more than enough after that if you are unable to get sun exposure during the day. Supplementation, particularly during the 3 darkest winter months where you live, would appear to be wise. For those living north of Birmingham in the UK, be aware that even the winter sun of late November to early February cannot assist in vitamin D production. People who live in cloudy countries such as Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Western England, and Norway may benefit from the use of 5000 IU every two days even outside of winter if the weather has been particularly uncooperative for vitamin D natural production for several days.

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