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X Line

Insoles and orthotics for everyday use

The first-line device for complaints such as generalised foot pain, calf injuries, fallen arches, arch pain, heel pain and anterior knee pain.

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X-Line TPD Insoles

The TPD insole is an orthotic device designed for Tibialis Posterior Dysfunction

X-Line Standard Insoles

Make walking, running and standing a pleasure again with the X-line Standard insole

X-Line PressurePerfect

The X-Line Pressure Perfect is a cushioned-supportive orthotic

X-Line AT Insoles

The AT insole is an orthotic device designed for Achilles Tendinitis / tendinopathy, (pain at the back of the heel).

The X-Line range of insoles and orthotics are an excellent product, they are well tolerated by patients and priced at a good level for patients to have more than one pair.

Kathy Hyde-Barker, Podiatrist

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