HealthyStep Partner Brands

Whatever you need for your feet

As part of our mission to promote health and wellbeing for feet and lower limbs, we’ve partnered with leading suppliers of complementary footcare and rehabilitation products.

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Hypoallergenic tape designed to provide muscle and joint support without restricting the range of motion.


Foot creams dermatologically tested and suitable for diabetics.

1000 Mile

A range of sports socks for every eventuality.

Ultimate Performance Sports

Soft neoprene ankle, knee and back supports.

Gel Footcare

Footcare essentials, from toe caps to shoe heel protectors.


TOETOE® has always been the leader of toe separated socks manufacturing and design in UK, Europe and USA since the beginning of 1999.

Vitamins & Supplements

A range of popular vitamins and supplements that are commonly recommended in relation to treating musculoskeletal conditions.