Design & Development

Define. Design. Refine.

By understanding and defining specific foot health problems, designing bespoke solutions to solve them and refining them until they’re 100% right, we’ve built a reputation for delivering cost and clinically effective products for a range of foot and lower limb conditions. Our team includes two MSK specialist Podiatrists who understand the mechanics of the foot and can translate that into great design features that help the foot function with greater efficiency which leads to the perfect result for everyone – real foot comfort in our daily lives, whether at work or play.

All products are professionally recommended, rigorously tested and manufactured to the highest industry standards. Our ISO9001:2015 systems ensure we achieve quality assured results for the complete peace of mind of our clinical partners and this standard recognises the value and importance of great design and process in bringing products to market.

Our understanding of a wide range of manufacturing techniques, from injection moulding to foam pressing, allows us to make the most cost-effective and quality conscious decisions when developing a range for the profession or the general public. We benefit from strong ties with our manufacturing partners both in the Far East and here in the UK – in fact, our Vectorthotic and Alleviate Select products are two of the very few prefabricated orthotics that are made in the UK (our injection moulding partner is in Huddersfield and specialises in high-quality fabrication).

Our latest venture into 3D printing sees us equipped with a suite of printers that all utilise different technology (Polyjet and FDM) – this not only allows us to produce proof of concept prototypes but actually print parts that can be used to adapt our products (Alleviate Select and Vectorthotic) to tailor their fit perfectly to individual patients.

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