Achilles Fix Kit

This complete rehabilitation kit conceived by our in-house podiatrists, is designed to allow you to treat your Achilles tendon pain yourself and make dramatic improvements in returning to activity.

By combining insoles, taping, and stretching and strengthening of the foot and calf, the AchillesFixKit provides a treatment programme designed to treat Achilles pain holistically. The treatment regime not only helps settle the pain but also aims to strengthen your calf muscles to reduces your Achilles Tendon problem to try to prevent reoccurrence.  What’s best is it’s all achieved in the comfort of your own home.

We offer you full support on your road to recovery with our AchillesFixKit support hub


Product Description

An Achilles first aid pack

A range of selected Healthy Step products available in a handy pack to start to resolve your Achilles tendon problem. Includes the X-Line AT insole, which is widely used throughout the UK and has proved a very effective early intervention device incorporating features specifically aimed at relieving Achilles Tendinopathy.

Foot Pump socks are comfortable to wear and work with the foot’s natural ability to act as a pump to help return blood up into the calf and help it on its journey back to the heart. The innovative big toe pocket is an integral part of this system. Keeping calf muscles compressed and warm can improve calf and Achilles symptoms.


  • The X-Line AT insole, designed to alleviate pain and help resolve painful Achilles Tendons
  • Calf length Foot Pump compression socks which encourage helpful calf muscle compression to assist blood flow from the injury to aid healing
  • A supply of strapping tape for instant pain relief by limiting the stretching stress on the Achilles
  • A stretchy therapy band for calf and foot rehabilitation
  • A foot  therapy ball for strengthening the foot for better heel lifting stability
  • An instructional booklet on foot and leg exercises to restore normality

You can purchase parts of the kit separately if required such as the strapping tape, AT Insole, Foot Pump Socks and the unique therapy ball (designed to rehabilitate and massage the foot). Read more about why the AchillesFixKit was developed here and find additional product support can be found in our  AchillesFixKit support hub.

The AT insole supplied in this kit fits the following shoe styles:

  • Any shoe with a removable in-sock/insole
  • Most lace up comfort shoe styles
  • Trainers and walking shoes
  • Less effective in very flat footwear

How to put inside your shoes

Additionally, we are often asked about how long insoles last for which can vary, but you may be interested to read this which might help you as you wear your insoles.




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Suitable for:

  • Pain in the Achilles tendon during or after exercise
  • Mid-portion or non-insertional Achilles tendinitis, tendinosis, paratenonitis, and retro calcaneal bursitis
  • Pain on the back of the heel bone, where the Achilles tendon attaches, known as insertional Achilles tendinopathy
  • Pains or recurrent pulls within the calf muscles during exercise
  • Also aids many other symptoms you might notice in your back, legs or feet when wearing flatter shoe

For more information on how this product works, click here.

Resolving Achilles pain can be a real challenge. Addressing the condition with appropriate shoes, insoles, tape, and exercises seems to be the best way to resolve the pain naturally whilst also keeping you on your feet. Rehabilitating your condition can take time.

However, you can help to improve things by using the foot therapy ball, the therapy band included in this pack and the exercises listed on this web page. The therapy balls are used to help strengthen the flexors in your forefoot. These important muscles help ‘grip’ the floor when you walk creating enhanced forefoot stability and as a result, a more efficient gait that reduce Achilles and calf stresses.

  • Achilles damage is a common injury in sports people over 30 years-of-age, but also quite common in more sedentary populations over 50 years-of-age
  • The AT insole was designed in Britain by Healthy Step and it is the first insole designed to specifically resolve overstrain and pain generated from the Achilles tendon
  • The Achilles Fix Kit  is also very effective in helping recurrent calf strains in runners.
  • Strengthening the muscles at the back of the calf can really help the Achilles tendon as well as any calf strains. See the exercises we recommend to strength your calf muscles.

For more information on how this product works, click here.

For all Achilles and calf pain, try these two exercises to strengthen your feet:


Also, try this exercise if the pain is within the calf or the Achilles tendon itself :

If the pain only on the back of the heel bone where the Achilles attaches, try this exercise instead of the one above but also perform both of the foot exercises:

Do this exercise once every other day at first, but gradually increase until you are performing them 3 times every day.

Heel Raise hold: Rise onto your forefeet. You might need to support yourself. Hold for five seconds. Then relax back down to the floor. Repeat 15 times.

The muscle strengthening and stretching exercises featured in the AchillesFixKit booklet all help toward rehabilitating the pain, and these can be accessed from the AchillesFixKit Hub.   
Calf muscle exercises are included in the Alleviate Heel Pain Kit booklet, but below is an instructional video to help you get the most from the exercises.

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