Silicone Heel Cups

A soft but firm gel heel cup to fit into your shoes, cushioning painful and tired heels.


Product Description

Heel Cups

Made from a soft comforting silicone gel these heel cups help to cushion and cradle uncomfortable tired heels. Sometimes as we get older, our natural heel fat pad can’t protect us enough from repeated impact with modern concrete floors. These gel heel cups will make up for deficiencies in our heel fat pad.

Silicone Gel Heel Cups

Heel cups can also help in treating painful cracked heels, and can help lower back pain. Easily fits most shoes.

  • It raises the heel slightly when standing or walking, reducing tension and pressure on the posterior back muscles, Achilles tendon and plantar fascia
  • It cushions the heel, absorbing impact shock and reducing any stress from bone and joint ache plus knee pain. See also our heel protectors which are ideal for high heel shoes. 
  • Reduces shear and friction on the heels
  • A blue soft spot gives extra relief to the most sensitive part of the heel
  • The heel pad is great for long periods of standing, plus sports and exercise
  • Washable and reusable heel cups. To clean, wash in warm water, pat dry and dust with Gehwol Foot Powder to prevent sticking

How to Wear Heel Cups

Heel Cups should be worn with both shoes at once, even if the pain is only on one side.

Using one heel cup will raise you up one side and that’s not a good idea unless you know you have a shorter leg on the side you use the heel cup on.

Looking After your Heels

Heels take quite a pounding every day. The skin is prone to drying out and cracking, while the fat pad in the heel can become thinner as we age.

The muscles in the arch on the foot can weaken causing pain in the heels, known as plantar fasciitis or policeman’s or postman’s heel.

Keep calf muscles strong and flexible, they have a big influence on heel problems like plantar fasciitis.

Our heels need a little extra help, so here are a few easy tips:

  • Use a good moisturiser on your heels daily, either am or pm, but certainly after a shower, as water tends to dry heel skin
  • Give your heels a good massage after a long day on your feet
  • Mix up the heel heights of your shoes during the day. Try not to use the same heel height throughout the day
  • Try the following simple exercises daily:
    Exercise Therapy Ball
    Toe Motion Exercise
    Heel Raise / Calf and Foot Strengthening

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Comfortable Gel Heel Cups

Made from soft silicone, this anatomically designed heel cup provides a cushioned surface for your painful heel.

Targets Pain

The ‘soft’ spot is located with the silicone heel pad to provide symptomatic relief to the most common site of heel pain.

Easily Fitted Silicone Insole

The heel cup insole is designed to fit snugly into the shoe.

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