Gehwol Foot Deodorant Spray

Gehwol Foot Deodorant Spray (150ml) cools and refreshes your feet, and helps eliminate odour.


Product Description

Foot deodorant spray that works

Provides a long-lasting, de-odourising effect for the feet in a handy spray application.

Can be used directly on the feet as a foot spray or in shoes as a shoe deodorant.

Because a spray is so easy to use on feet and shoes even teenagers can use them!

Natural caring substances soothe the skin and encourage its regeneration and help prevent callus build-up by keeping the feet are smooth, healthy and protected.

Key benefits of this foot deodorant

  • Reduces odour
  • Reduces fungi and bacteria
  • Helps keep skin soft and supple
  • Helps reduce inflammation and helps softens hard skin

This preparation has been dermatologically tested and is safe for patients with diabetes to use.

Reducing foot smells!

Smelly feet are quite a problem, not just for the sufferer but anyone else who has to live with them.

The smell from feet is not actually from the feet, but fungi and particularly bacteria that colonise our feet and shoes breaking down our sweat.

The smell is called bromodosis.

It’s most common in teenagers and pregnant women due to hormonal changes, but if you have sweaty feet because you sweat a lot (hyperhidrosis) or have athlete’s foot you are going to be particularly prone.

The key to resolving the problem is cutting off the food supply to the bacteria, and that means reducing sweat and staying clean.

  • Change socks and hosiery frequently, it could need two or more changes in the day
  • Wash your feet in antibacterial soap and use an antibacterial foot deodorant like Gehwol’s after drying
  • Change your shoe daily and allow shoes to dry thoroughly before using again
  • Try applying to your feet in an astringent such as surgical spirit or witch hazel
  • Use a shoe deodorant or foot deodorant spray such as Gehwol’s
  • Wear cotton based socks. Materials such as CoolMax® used in many TOETOE® Socks, is particularly effective in reducing sweat
  • Lift out any insock or insole out of the shoe to dry out which also helps the shoe dry out
  • Go barefoot as much as you can
  • Wear sandals and no socks when weather and environment allows
  • Let your shoes dry out totally and consider using a shoe deodorant between uses

If this still does resolve the problem you can be prescribed a very strong antiperspirant known as an iontophoresis can be prescribed.


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Foot Spray Application

Provides a long lasting deodorising effect for the feet in a handy spray application.

Prevents Inflammation

The essential oils help prevent inflammation and softens hardened callus.

Safe for Diabetics

This foot odour spray has been dermatologically tested and is safe for patients with diabetes to use.

Spray a small amount over your feet once or twice a day. Wash your hands after use.


  • It is advisable to carry out a patch test before using any essential oil
  • Do not to be used on broken skin. It must not be used during pregnancy, while breastfeeding or by those affected by epilepsy
  • Cancer patients should seek advice from their oncologist before using the product
  • This product is not to be used on children under 5 years of age
  • Care should also be taken if suffering from any respiratory disorders or allergies
  • Once opened, use within 6 months
  • In the unlikely event of an adverse reaction, stop use immediately

Antibacterial foot spray

Active Ingredients (150ml):

  • Urea Penthenol intensely moisturises skin
  • Undecylenamide DEA reduces fungal growth
  • Farnesol for a pleasant odour
  • Bisabolol from chamomile for soothing anti-inflammatory effect
  • Allantoin prevents dry, rough scaly irritant skin
  • Rosemary oil antiseptic and regenerative
  • Pine oil antibacterial and anti-inflammatory
  • Lavender oil improves skin complexion
  • Dermatologically tested and suitable for diabetics.

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