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5 Star review for our HeelFixKit strapping tape

We received a wonderful 5 star review of our HeelFixKit strapping tape from a customer who rang us to say how much it had helped him deal with his Plantar Fasciitis – so good we had to let everyone know! Here it is :

I have had plantar fasciitis several times in my lifetime. I am now 76 years old. This last bout has been the worst and has now lasted 10 weeks so far. When I ordered the HeelFixKit Strapping tape the pain was at 7 out of 10. After 1 week of using the strapping tape the pain was down to 3 and at the end of the second week it was down to 1. So I have no hesitation in giving Healthy Step’s ‘HeelFixKit Strapping Tape’ 5*****(stars)

The Strapping Tape Cannot be expected to produce the results required on its own. It must be incorporated in HealthyStep’s system of 4 S’s,  explained in the leaflet included with the Strapping Tape.

The 4S’s are:-

Stretch – carry out stretching exercises as shown in the leaflet that’s included in every pack.

Strap – with HeelFixKit Strapping Tape – take great care fitting the tape in accordance with the instructions and pulling the tape as tight as possible. I get my wife to apply it to me. 

Strengthen – by doing exercises with the Foot Therapy Ball as shown in the leaflet.

Support – wear close fitting shoes with a HealthyStep’s X line Pressure Perfect insoles

Supplementary to all this, when sat at the computer or sat watching TV or reading a book, I place my foot in a ‘night splint’ but with a HealthyStep insole in the bottom of the splint. In this position I am pain-free. 

I trust that the above will help someone to overcome the pain associated with plantar fasciitis.

C. Claxton


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