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HealthyStep @ Annual Romania Podiatry Association Conference – Bucharest

HealthyStep exhibited at the 2nd Annual Congress of Podiatry for all healthcare professions interested in footcare with a special focus on diabetes and diabetic neuropathy.  The Association of Podiatrie is an organisation with the view to raise awareness of foot care and foot problems in Romania.

The Congress had the intention to put together physicians from different fields of medicine, from different specialities, all of them involved in foot care, especially in diabetic foot care, for developing the multidisciplinary team so necessary for foot care.

Friends of HealthyStep, Professor Nachi Chockalingham and Dave Dunning were among the broad range of speakers and delivered sessions on foot function, gait, and musculoskeletal conditions affecting the foot.

Attended by Tim Hall and Nev Parker, we were stunned by the excellent facilities available to the residents of Bucharest at the Clinica de Podiatrie (and it’s forerunner in Cluj-Napoca) and are sure that from centres like this across Romania, awareness of the speciality and the effectiveness of footcare will become a valued profession in the country.

HealthyStep was proud to support the Congress and Norina Gavan, honorary president of the association, and the hard work that she and her team are putting in to develop the profession and specialism of Podiatry in Romania.


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