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Celebrating 15 Years of X-Line

X-Line is a product that many UK podiatrists are aware of and use regularly.  What you might not be aware of is that 2019 marks 15 years since the launch of the first X-Line.

Development was initiated in 2002 because at that time many of the early preforms were based on simple shoe in-socks, lacking any significant arch support, and have to be extensively adapted. Others might have had midfoot support but were difficult to adapt. 

decided to try to resolve the issue by developing from scratch a cellular foam orthosis that made total contact with the shoe designed from a clinical standpoint.  The result of this collaborative work was a highly adaptable unique X-Line foot orthoses (Medium shore 45) that has all the key adaptations already in place to enhance foot function.

All X-line insoles are designed with prominent arch support running from anterior to posterior and medial to lateral. The profile is different to most insoles, which tend to bulk medially and to the central part of the arch in the sagittal plane. The X-line range bulk primarily at the talonavicular joint, and have a district proximal arch lift which tapers distally, with a greater raise at the calcaneocuboid joint than that found on most insoles.

X-Lines have continued to develop over the years with options available such as with wedges, firmer, reinforced, deep heel cup and sides for added control (TPD) and with specific adaptations to alleviate strain on specific structures such as 1st MTP joint, Achilles Tendon, and Plantar Fascia.

The design of X-Line and its heritage in the market in terms of the recognised geometric design and the effectiveness of the material and it’s durability means that they continue to be very successful, forming the basis of many practitioners’ biomechanical therapies. 

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