Think SMS When Prescribing Foot Orthoses!

Despite the wide range of preform foot orthoses now available and the infinite possibilities of custom orthoses fabrication options, it still comes down to the shape and material of the orthoses when choosing a prescription.

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  • Intro


    Heel pain is often treated with exercises whichever health professional you decide to visit.  

    Exercises are really important to stretch tight muscles and fascia, but it’s also really important to strengthen muscles to so that you calf ankle and foot are strong and don’t fatigue when you’re on them for long periods.

    We have put together some really helpful videos to stretch and strengthen your calf muscles and also how to get the most out of the therapy ball that is included with HeelFixKit®

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  • Shape

    Trying to find information on heel pain, particularly from our friend Google can give often bring up some confusing results.

    We wanted to help you to find interesting and useful information about heel pain so that you can learn about the condition and try to understand it.  

    Hopefully, you’ll then be able to really understand the best ways to treat and manage your heel pain.

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  • Material

    As a leading manufacturer of foot care products, has a range of products that can help.

    products are all designed by podiatrists that are specialists in biomechanics and musculoskeletal care and we pride ourselves in making sure we make good clinical advice available.

    Our innovative HeelFixKit® is an excellent product

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  • Shoes

    There is lots of advice available both from health professionals and on the internet.  At we really want to make sure that you get the best advice and also see how treating, managing and rehabilitating heel pain can be a long road for some.

    Here is our pathway to help you manage your heel pain

  • Bringing It All Together