X-Line TPD Insoles

The TPD insole is an orthotic device designed for Tibialis Posterior Dysfunction, a condition that can cause rapidly developing flat feet and pain on the inside of ankle, arch and/or shin. Also very helpful orthotic device for other symptoms related to a lot of foot flattening on standing.


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Product Description

X-Line TPD Insoles

The ideal solution for tibialis posterior dysfunction
(TPD or PTTD):

Widely used within the UK’s NHS and the British Armed Services, the TPD insole is used to treat injuries to the tibialis posterior muscle and its tendon as well as other problems caused by ‘arch’ instability and flattening feet.


  • Deep heel cups for rearfoot stabilisation
  • High arch support placed specifically to offload the tibialis posterior tendon
  • Midfoot cradle and metatarsal support
  • High plastic wrap reinforcement to strengthen insole
  • Camberelle® top cover for strength and durability
  • Supports the ‘arch’ where other insoles fail

Fits the following shoe styles:

  • Any shoe with a removable in-sock/insole
  • Most lace up comfort shoe styles
  • Trainers (especially motion control trainers) and walking shoes
  • Unsuitable for very flat or flexible shoes

How to Put Insoles Inside Your Shoes

how to fit an insole

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The TPD insole is an orthotic device that brings the key features to control:

  • Excessive pronation or too much foot flattening in the foot (also known as hyper and over pronation)
  • This particularly helps a condition called Tibialis Posterior Dysfunction, a severe cause of arch height dropping
  • Tibialis Posterior Dysfuntion causes foot flattening on weight-bearing, accompanied by pain around the inside of the ankle, arch and inside of the shin. It is caused by failure of the tendon arising from the main arch supporting muscle of the foot. Treatment is urgent!

For more information on how this product works, click here.

  • Reassuringly effective control of inward-rolling rearfoot and ankle instability with terrific anti-hyperpronation control
  • High midfoot saddle to provide essential support and stability of the foot during gait
  • High durability and longevity from utilisation of a plastic wrap outer shell and tough Camberelle® top cover

Suitable for:

  • Severe arch ache or pain
  • Severe medial ankle and shin pain
  • Inward rolling ankles and flattening feet
  • Any symptoms caused by large degrees of foot arch drop
  • Perfect for immediate relief of Tibialis Posterior Dysfunction

For more information on how this product works, click here.

Start with the following exercises:

Once the pain begins to settle and walking becomes easier, try the next exercise:

Once the tibialis posterior exercise is easy and causes no discomfort and your walking has become easy, try strengthening your calf. Do this exercise with your shoes on!


In the early painful stages, icing the area can bring about pain relief, as can the use of anti-inflammatory creams if you know it is safe for you to use them


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