X-Line Extra Insoles

All the great features of the Standard X-Line, but with extra wedges designed to adjust your heel position. The X-Line extra is only recommended when you are buying further pairs, having first having one posted correctly by your clinician.


Add additional pairs for only £22.95

Product Description

A special semi-customisation X-Line Standard Kit including the modification posting. Please only order the same degree of wedging as your clinician has advised. These wedges are usually used to significantly reduce the amount a foot becomes flatter and rolls inwards (‘pronates’) on weight-bearing.

  • 4° or 8° wedges can be requested when ordering
  • Remove adhesive backing and place wedge exactly in the same position as on your previous insole as fitted by your clinician

The X-Line standard is one of the most widely used insoles in the UK and NHS. Designed in Britain by Healthy Step’s expert podiatry team.

  • Used for a wide range of presenting complaints such as generalised foot pain and leg discomforts that link to deficient foot function
  • Provides immediate comfort by using an anatomical heel cradle providing comfortable rearfoot control
  • Healthy Step’s distinctive midfoot support stabilises and enhances the foot’s action when loaded
  • Far more comfortable than a traditional ‘arch support’
  • By offering a slim profile it is lightweight and can be trimmed to fit most shoes

Fits the following shoe styles:

  • Any shoe with a removable in-sock/insole
  • Most lace up comfort shoes
  • Trainers and walking/hiking shoes

How to fit:

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The X-Line extra is only recommended when you are buying further pairs, having first had one posted correctly by your clinician.

The kit contains the great comforting features of the X-Line Standard, but with extra wedges to adjust your rearfoot motion to change the way forces are applied across your foot and leg.

Wedges placement and size depends on your gait (walking) pattern, or running technique, so unless you are very sure what you are doing, you should leave the first fitting of the wedging to an expert in clinical biomechanics.

Please place the same wedging (4° or 8°) on you X-Line Extra as your clinician advised. If you are fitting them yourself, remove adhesive backing and place the wedge precisely as on your previous insole provided by your clinician.

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Posting Kit Addition

This is a Standard X-Line featuring a posting kit to affect more precise control at the rear and midfoot. The posts, or wedges, are self-adhesive and can be fitted quickly and easily. You will require advice on the correct posting to use from your clinician.

Unique Wedge Design

The unique wedge design enhances the action of the midfoot saddle featured in all X-Line devices. When wearing the wedges for the first time, their effect is  felt immediately and although initially strange, they should feel immediately comfortable.

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A little effort regularly increases the effectiveness of your insoles! They are very important and will reinforce the effect of the Healthy Step X-Line Extra insoles.

Foot Therapy Ball:

Toe Motion Exercise: 

Heel Raise: 

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