Pedipod Insoles

Specifically designed insoles for children’s feet, reflecting their specific needs. These aren’t just undersized adult insoles. 

Pedipods will help with all these : Aching arches when exercising, heel pain during and after exercise (Sever’s disease),ankle, calf or leg aches on exercise and kneecap pain during or after sport or on stairs.

For when your kids’ feet grow our TPD50 insoles offer the same support but in larger sizes.


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Product Description

The Pedipod childrens insole captures and controls abnormal foot motion and limits pain in children due to weak feet or lax ligaments.

  • Anatomical foot support features designed specifically for children’s needs
  • Provides comfort and control by using deep heel cups and paediatric arch contouring
  • The brushed nylon surface allows easy passage of the foot into the shoe
  • A full-length insole that can be quickly and easily trimmed to fit most comfort children shoes

Fits the following shoe styles:

  • Any shoe with a removable in-sock/insole
  • Most lace up shoes
  • Trainers and walking shoes

NOTE: If your child experiences bone or joint pain only in bed at night, or your child has joint swelling, please consult a clinician such as your podiatrist, GP or physiotherapist immediately.   




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Pedipod Children’s Insoles 

Children can experience foot and leg pains on exercise, during and after long walks or sports. Feet can also become very flat looking on standing. This can have knock on effects on gait and posture into later life. Strengthening and developing foot and leg muscles is key to improving the situation long term, but appropriately designed paediatric insoles can provide immediate relief.

Childhood heel pain, known as Sever’s is particularly common aged 9 to 13 in those who play a lot of sport. Kneecap aching and so-called growing pains are often an indication of weak or tight muscles in the legs and feet.

The Pedipod is an insole specifically designed for children’s feet reflecting their more mobile foot joints. These aren’t just undersized adult insoles. 

What else can we do to help our child’s feet?

Children are far more mouldable than adults. Therefore exercises often produce good results in symptoms and foot posture quite quickly. Any persistent symptoms that do not quickly respond to exercises and insoles require assessment by an expert podiatrist or physiotherapist.

It’s very important that children take regular daily exercise to strengthen their feet, especially outside. Sitting around is not at all good for muscle, bone or postural development.

For more on how this product works, click here

For more on Sever’s disease, click here

  • Deep heel cups
  • A large midfoot ‘saddle’ to help prevent arch pains and fatigue while feet strengthen
  • Designed to encourage the foot and leg to align correctly to each other.
  • Under the first joint is a recess, which allows the big toe joint to bend properly when walking, making gait more efficient.

Most children’s foot and exercise pain is due to muscles being tight or weak. Issues with flat feet are often a result of lax ligaments or general poor foot muscle development. Note however, children’s feet do not develop a more adult arch-like profile until around age 7. Exercising the feet and ankles well is therefore very important to help foot strength and development.

Children respond well to strengthening and stretching muscles because they are very mouldable as they grow. Exercises can sort out a lot of problems right now and in the future.


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