Extra Top Cover

Specifically shaped to fit the Vectorthotic, this replaceable top cover adds a little extra control when walking or running.


Product Description

The top cover is full length and can be trimmed to fit your shoe:
When first fitted, the top cover purposely overlaps the Vectorthotic.
If you want a closer fit, simply cut along the dotted line that runs along the under-edge of the top cover.

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Top cover is designed and contoured to fit the Vectorthotic shell. Because of this, the addition of the cover enhances comfort and means it is easier to put your foot into the shoe when wearing the Vectorthotic. Extra midfoot control is attained through the ‘midfoot saddle’ which is a lump taking up the middle third of the cover. The midfoot saddle aids foot function by reducing the amount of pronation occurring in the midfoot area. The cover has a brushed nylon surface allowing easy passage of the foot into the shoe. The cover can be trimmed to fit almost any shoe.

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