Advanced Ultimate Compression Knee Support

This is a very strong knee support with graduated compression to reduce swelling and stabilise the knee.


Product Description

  • Particularly helpful if there is swelling on the knee as well as weakness due to knee ligament damage where the knee has become a little unstable in side to side movements.
  • This is an ideal support for knee osteoarthritis and collateral ligament injuries or weakness, yet it is still relatively light for such a supportive knee brace.

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  • Graduated compression provides excellent fit and support
  • Advanced knitting technology provides even and firm support
  • Padded hole to stabilise kneecap
  • Edge trim technology helps prevent support slippage and improves support against wear & tear
  • Steel springs provide moderate side support for the knee
  • Allows free movement and flexibility
  • Good comfort & excellent knee security

Recommended for:

  • Weak knees
  • Stiff or aching knees
  • Knee arthritis, especially if only one side of the knee affected
  • Mild knee strains or tendinitis
  • Mild knee swelling during or after exercise with instability
  • Simple exercises can help the recovery of knee injuries
  • Strengthening the quadriceps is the simplest exercise to do, but you might need some therapeutic guidance, as the causes of knee pain are diffused

Fitting support and exercises for recovery:

  • Correctly fitting your support improves its function and product life expectancy
  • Wear the Ultimate Performance®Up logo strap highest over the knee just onto the thigh
  • Temporarily fasten all four strap ends together with Velcro to secure out of the way
  • Carefully pull the support up the leg and make sure the logo sits centred above the knee
  • Make sure the central circle sits over the kneecap
  • Secure cross-over straps and tension straps as required
  • Push out any wrinkles and make sure the edges aren’t tucked over

Cushioned insoles for sport and hiking can also help knee pain from arthritis, such as the NINE TO FIVE Active, PressurePerfect or HealthyStep Hiking Footbed Extra Cushioning.

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