About PelliTec


PelliTec® is a novel blister prevention pad developed in the United Kingdom.


The pad has been shown to be effective in reducing the occurrence of blisters and helping them heal.

Product trials amongst walkers, athletes, sports players and military personnel have been very successful and a selection of the feedback is included in our Testimonials section.

PelliTec Demonstration


Product Description

Why PelliTec is so effective


Foot blisters are caused by skin rubbing against a static surface like the inside of a shoe, boot or trainer. This friction causes the skin layers to separate and fill with fluid. The unique and breathable sandwich construction of PelliTec® moves with your foot significantly reducing the friction which causes blisters.

By sticking securely to the inside of your footwear and over the blister, the PelliTec® pad works to cushion and protect the affected area wicking away moisture thereby reducing pressure, pain and the risk of infection.


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The concept behind PelliTec was first developed because the inventors could not find an effective blister treatment amongst those available in High Street Chemists. They wanted a product that would reduce friction and eliminate the risk of blisters forming.

This led them to develop the first prototype ‘sandwich’ which included layers that slide over each other thus reducing the friction which causes blisters. Over a number of years this prototype has been developed with Podiatrist input, to include state of the art materials forming the PelliTec product now available.


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