Wobble Cushion

Wobble cushions are a great way to improve your balance and posture inthe UK, and as a result can be used as part of ankle strengthening after an ankle sprain. Dancers and martial art practitioners would do well to keep one in front of their bathroom sink and use it daily.


Product Description

A Wobble cushion is perfect for improving and sustaining balance and posture. If you need to strengthen your ankles, then they can form a key component of your rehabilitaion aftre an ankle sprain.

Balance cushions like these are ideal too for dancers, yogis and martial art practitioners who reley on excellent balance for successful practice. 

A HealthyStep wobble cushion has two different surfaces top and bottom, which have either small or big pimples on them, which help to stimulate our sense of balance nerve endings (proprioceptors).

Maintaining a Wobble Cushion

Wooble balance cushions are really easy to maintain, just occasionally clean with a wet cloth, or spray with a little disinfectant.


Wobble cushions are better than wobble boards because:

• They can be inflated or deflated to make harder or easier to balance. A simple needle nosed nozzle on a hand pump allows you to do this. ( Not Included )

• Because the bag flattens down when you press harder on one area, you can’t favour the good foot over the weaker, something that can be done with a wobble board.

• They are easier to wash and store, especially when deflated, allowing you to even take the wobble bag on holiday!

• Great for all the family to use, from developing your children’s posture and balance, to helping grandparents balance to reduce the risk of falls.


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