Arch Angel Sandal Saviour

Gaining the benefits from foot supports to stay comfortable when tired can be a problem when the weather is hot, and your feet want to stay cool. The sandal saviour is the unique answer to the problem of fitting comforting and supportive insoles on your favourite sandals. All the foot-cradling contouring associated with a Healthy Step insoles is provided in an innovative sandal-specific foot bed. Simply initially attach it to the footwears upper surface to locate the correct position. Then once happy with the comfort it gives while walking/standing, applying the sandal saviours securely to all your beloved summer footwear without anyone knowing. Available in black or tan for a discrete fit.


Product Description

Designed by Healthy Step’s UP podiatry team to solve the problem of keeping feet happy while hot. The Arch Angel Sandal saviour resolves the dilemma of wearing summer sandals while balancing the need to keep uncomfortable, tired feet supported. All the gentle ‘foot-cradling’ benefits can be maintained while your feet get some air and stay cool.

  • Supportive space saving design
  • Simple technique for establishing the ‘most comfortable fitting location’
  • Robust, strong adhesive fixation once a comfortable fitting location is confirmed
  • Simple to damp-wash or brush clean in situ as necessary


  • Brushed tan or black colours to ensure a discrete and comfortable fit
  • A cunningly contoured mid-foot cradle for targeted foot support
  • A domed metatarsal extension to ease forefoot aches and burning discomfort
  • Special locating and fixation adhesive backing to make sure fit is the most comfortable possible and very secure.

Fits the following she styles

  • Most sandals, including sling-backs and open toed
  • Sandals that do not possess an arch support built into their own profile


How to fit the Sandal Saviour



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The Sandal Saviour is a special kind of ‘arch angel’ that allows people to use sandals instead of enclosed shoes to maintain their foot health.

Standard shaped insoles require a heel seat and sides on footwear to prevent them moving out of position. Fitting supportive insoles often requires either the shoe’s own inner-sock or insole to be removed or laces to be adjusted to provide a good fit, making fitting them to sandals extremely difficult.

By concentrating on the key supportive features alone to reduce bulk, and then designing a protocol to make sure they can be adhered in the most comfortable position was required. The solution to the sweaty-foot problem of hot days and using footwear with open heels and toes while also requiring functional foot support, has arrived!

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  • Instantly comforting profile specifically design for use on sling-back, open-toed sandals where it is impossible to fit standard insole supports.
  • Targets the mechanical issues that cause tired feet, aching ‘arches’, and forefoot burning pains during and after exercise.
  • Uses special adhesive designs to make sure anyone can fit the Sandal Saviour onto a sandal with it sitting in the most comfortable location for the foot on any particular footwear. The location of maximal comfort can be slightly different between sandals because of variable restraining-strap designs.
  • Most common forms of mild to moderate foot discomfort when the weather is too hot for feet to stay cool in enclosed footwear.
  • Can assist in the management of plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia symptoms (including Morton’s neuromas).

For more information on how this product works, click here

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Toe motion exercise


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