Heel Strapping Tape


Product Description

This unique design of heel strapping tape was developed by one of HealthyStep’s in-house podiatrists Andy Horwood, to solve the problem of his patients needing to support their heel daily when suffering from plantar fasciitis (also known as policeman’s heel). The design has proved very successful and is now widely used across podiatry and other medical professions.

  • 14 pre-cut pieces of rigid heel strapping tape, designed to help provide relief from heel pain and plantar fasciitis
  • Lasts all day long
  • Pre-cut for easy application
  • Can still be cut to fit if needed
  • High quality, strong strapping tape

Strapping for plantar fasciitis

The Heel Strapping Tape works by reducing the strain on the plantar fascia, which in turn reduces or eliminates painful symptoms in the feet. For plantar fasciitis, use in conjunction with the X-Line PF insoles or as part of the HeelFixKit for a long-term solution.

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Easy Application Heel Tape

14 pieces of rigid pre-cut straps are included in a pack. These straps can be easily applied to the heel to help relieve acute heel pain.

Cut To Fit Staooing Tape

Each strap is shaped so it can be easily applied to the rather challenging environment of a heel. The strap can be cut to fit all sizes of feet.

Multi-strap Usage

If you are particularly active, two straps can be applied.

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