Evolve Range Rearfoot Wedges

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Product Description

Evolve Range Rearfoot Wedges Technology

  1. Self-adhesive Shore 60 rearfoot wedges available in two heights – 4° & 8°
  2. Specifically designed to complement and be compatible with the Evolve range, our rearfoot wedges are designed to:
    • Phasically post the rearfoot and decelerate calcaneal plantarflexion moment in the sagittal plane at initial contact
    • Retard centre of pressure progression by supporting the spatial location of the subtalar joint in an elevated position
    • Affect change in the amount of arch lowering by increasing support to the talonavicular joint and increasing the effect of the intrinsic midfoot saddle
  3. Sagittal plane propulsion rocker to initiate heel-off, reduce stress in propulsive structures and accelerates the centre of mass in terminal stance

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