Alleviate Evolve+

Developed by British podiatrists, Alleviate Evolve is a highly effective first intervention orthotic. Quick and easy to customise in the clinic, it is available for your client to take away at the end of their consultation.

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Product Description

Developed by British podiatrists, Alleviate Evolve+ is a highly effective first intervention orthotic. Customisable in the clinic, it enables you to provide a bespoke service for a range of conditions especially those requiring greater support such as Tibialis Posterior Dysfunction (TPD) may also be used to assist patients with high arched feet that pronate in the mid-foot.

Evolve Technology

  1. A durable EVA shell with an elevated arch and deep heel cup
  2. Compatible wedging system (sold separately) with a choice of wedges to target your client’s specific condition
  3. Cushioned top cover for a comfort fit
  4. Heel raises available

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  • The RRP is not advertised, putting you in control
  • Customisable and highly effective orthotic for targeted relief
  • Client-specific for greater customer satisfaction
  • Quick and easy to prescribe saving you valuable customer time
  • Deep side moulding, elevated arch and deep heel cup
  • Customising one product for a multitude of conditions means you hold less stock
  • More choice with > Alleviate Select
  • Developed by experts, prescribed by professionals
  • Customised to treat the individual
  • Especially effective for TPD and higher arches
  • Attractive, discreet design
  • Cost effective and hard-wearing
  • For sports and every day wear

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