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The “Digital” Foot & Ankle Show

It’s Exhibition Time Again….Well, it’s digital, and it’s the Foot And Ankle Show!

We were hoping to be in Liverpool in person to take the opportunity to present and showcase all the things that HealthyStep have been doing to enhance the provision of Prefabricated Foot Orthoses in private practice.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has certainly affected how podiatrists have been practising, but on the flip side, the public has been urged to be as active as normal, if not more than normal.  Therefore, MSK injuries are still out there, but you may have to find a different way of treating your patients.

Our condition-specific range of such as the HeelFixKit, PF, AT, TPD and TPD50 offer quick and effective solutions that you can recommend/supply to your patients to help them overcome any overuse injuries that they may have picked up.

The DJD is a great solution for patients with 1st MTP OA that need something quickly to alleviate or reduce their toe pain.

Launched in the months just before The pandemic hit was the X-Line ¾ device which is a go-to device where you want arch support, a deep heel cup, but where forefoot room is a concern.

Of course, the Alleviate range is there for all your sporty patient s and we also have the Foot Pump Sock range which can be used in many ways to assist with foot fatigue or swelling, now available in multipacks for you to “Wear & Share” with your patients. Now available in black as well as the existing grey and blue options and also a calf-length version where the swelling starts higher than the ankle.

We’ve also just stacked a range of Multivitamins which you can sell/recommend to your patients including high strength Vitamin D which is so important for patients as we see fewer daylight hours as winter sets in.

So instead of seeing you in person, we’ll be there in spirit.




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