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Development of the AchillesFitKit

The last few years has seen a more combined approach to the treatment of lower limb problems such as Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendinopathy. Many clinicians have recognised that a combination of orthotic therapy with rehabilitation and strengthening exercises has led to more rapid recovery in the patients’ conditions.

Here at we started working on the unique idea of creating a “kit” to combine several rehabilitation products with strengthening exercises a few years ago and this led to the development and launch of our HeelFixKit. The HeelFixKit includes condition specific X-Line PF insoles, pre-cut strapping tape and a foot therapy ball. Our customers found that the patients benefited from becoming engaged in their own treatment, combined with strong branding and online support as well as receiving everything they needed to treat their condition in one simple solution which resulted in a high perception of value in this approach.

We now enjoy supplying the HeelFixKit to both NHS Trusts and private practitioners alike who use it as an instant method of starting the patient upon their rehabilitation.

Such was the success of the HeelFixKit that we considered replicating this treatment approach and developed the new AchillesFixKit which again combines high quality products to encourage and speed the journey to recovery from this specific ailment. With the strapping tape pack, there are 14 strips of die-cut tape to apply in the initial phase of treatment for instant relief – enough for 7 days application so it can be stripped off at night and fresh strips applied the next day.

The AchillesFixKit benefits from the inclusion of our new calf length Foot Pump compression sock and also a pre-cut length of latex therapy band to facilitate a range of rehabilitation exercises.

The X-Line AT insole is the cornerstone of the AchillesFixKit with its heel raise and hindfoot rocker to help reduce the amount of strain upon the tendon during walking and running. A full programme of rehabilitation exercises is offered to the user on our website which also gives them access to a broad range of articles and advice on foot health and keeping active – so important in these challenging times.

The AchillesFixKit has been based upon years of successful clinical interventions combining these approaches.

Following the same pattern as our HeelFixKit we have created the Achilles Pain Hub which serves to inform patients about their condition and understand the mechanism of the injury and then the path of rehabilitation they can follow. Strengthening and stretching exercises are featured along with products that they will find useful, including our X-Line AT insole and foot therapy band.

To learn more about the AchillesFixKit and whether it can help you in your practice click here.  Also, you can direct your patients directly to support for the product and condition.  For further information visit the new AchillesFixKit hub.

Just want to see the product? Click here.






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