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MSK:Social events by are your opportunity to attend and obtain some free CPD. All Sessions start at 18:45 – 21:15

If you’re interested in coming along, the lectures for the sessions are:Please note Lecture 1 will be different for Durham Venue see here

The Lower Limb as a System of Levers* 

Biomechanics Principles Using HealthyStep Insoles


Please select the session you wish to attend from the drop down menu or contact New for more information 01459 839549 or [email protected]

*This topic will be subject to change for the Durham venue

MSK:Social Signup

MSK:Social Signup


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Presented by Andy Horwood & Nev Parker

Andy is one of the professions original thinkers in biomechanics. He was intrinsic in developing the Masters in Biomechanics at Staffordshire University and is a visiting fellow.  He has been a practising podiatrist for over 30 years and is the HealthyStep product designer and researcher