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The foot pump, a new innovation from


The  Foot Pump socks are designed to enhance the return of blood from the veins in the feet both while active and during periods of long sitting.  People’s lifestyles have changed and we are sitting evermore than we used to.  That might be at work, watching box sets on demand, or even when we travel.  
The foot pump is a new innovation from  developed using technical and theoretical research evidence.  If you’d like to learn more about it please read on.


How do the Foot Pump Socks work and help to move blood around the body?


How blood pools in the foot?  


The foot acts as a mechanical hydraulic pump as we walk and exercise, using the compression of the foot against the ground and muscle activity within the foot to squeeze blood up to the calf muscles. The feet act as a second heart in pumping the blood! 

When the muscles become fatigued, or during periods of prolonged inactivity blood can start to pool in the feet. This is usually indicated by warm swelling of the feet and/or ankles after exercise or periods of sitting that reduces overnight or when the feet are rested up high.


Nine to Five Foot Pump socks have distinct toe pockets for the big toe and lesser toes to prevent toe-compression allowing toe-freedom and muscle flexibility in the foot (helping to pump blood out), while also using the benefits of medical-grade compression to prevent blood pooling in the feet and ankles.  This avoids the common problem of toe and nail irritation from the compression force of compression hosiery; by not restricting toe motion they enhance the muscles pumping activity. You can then freely wriggle your toes, even as you sit!

When we sit for long periods, or if our veins don’t work quite as well as they once did, blood can pool in the feet and ankles making them swell. This is also true if your feet and legs get tired during long periods of exercise. In these circumstances, Foot Pump socks can be a great help in keeping foot swelling to a minimum.


Where can they be used? 

What actives it can it be used in? 


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Warning: These socks should not be used if you have restricted blood flow to the feet. Diabetics should seek clinical advice before using compression socks because of the risk of poor blood flow to the feet.

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