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What do insoles feel like to wear?

If your first pair of insoles or orthotics feel a little strange, don’t panic!

If you’re using your insoles when exercising, maybe exercise for a shorter period of time than you would normally during the first wear.

Tips for first-time insole wearers

Your feet aren’t used to the shape and support your insoles are providing, so of course, it’ll feel a little different. Remember: insoles worn for the first time should feel a little weird, but never uncomfortable or painful. 

Take ‘breaking in’ your insoles slowly – if you’re unsure then try wearing for just an hour on the first day, two hours on the second day, three hours on the third day etc.

If your insoles still feel ‘weird’:

  • First, make sure the left and right insole are correctly in the left and right shoe.
  • Make sure the insole sits flat on the base of your shoe, not riding up on one side. If still uncomfortable, try then in a pair of trainers or lace-up shoes. If they are comfortable in these your shoes are likely too small.
  • Finally, if they remain uncomfortable, get some professional advice from a podiatrist, orthotist or other clinician trained in the provision of prescription insoles.

My insoles feel uncomfortable, what should I do?


If you have developed any blisters, there’s a good chance your insoles aren’t fitted to your shoes correctly and are taking up too much space.

Try loosening any shoelaces, or narrowing the insoles with a sharp pair of scissors. This is best done along the inside, where the arch height is highest and down towards the toes.

If your insole is sliding around your shoe uncomfortably there’s a good chance it’s too small. Try a larger sized insole, or check that your shoe size is right for your feet.

If the insole is hurting your feet there’s a chance you may have the wrong design insole for your needs.

For example, high-arched insole support on the X-Line TPD might be too high, or the X-Line RIF might be too firm. In this case, you could try a less supportive insole like the X-Line Standard.

We also advise that if you have specific pain such as heel pain or pain in your big toe, you are more likely to feel comfortable in a Condition Specific insole.

  • If you feel your insoles are not helping, seek professional advice from an expert on foot health, such as a Podiatrist.



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