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Pedipods For Older Children

So often, we get enquiries about the Pedipod range.  It’s unique features make it a very popular product, ranging from sizes 6(child) – 4.5 (adult) in UK sizing or in European money that’s 23-37.  Now, there’s something unique about children’s feet…they grow and these days, children’s feet aren’t staying in children’s sizes for as long as they used to.

The Pedipod range offers effective dimensions for children’s feet though there are situations when it isn’t as simple as increasing the insole size as the child’s shoe size increases. 

Let me give you an example of my daughter.  She is 10 and she’s a size 36 shoe just now.  But, stand her on a Pedipod size A (36-37) and it’s way too long and too wide in the midfoot.  A size B is a great fit in the midfoot, but she’s right on the limit distally of her toes coming past/over the distal edge.  In this instance, I choose the B and possibly cut the device down to ¾ length.

Some of the children in my daughter’s year group however are already wearing size 5 and 6 shoes (38-40 EU) which presents a problem for the Pedipod range as children progress into high school.

This is something that we regularly get enquiries about, from health professionals as well as parents.  Well, the solution is the TPD50.  This product is of similar geometry and material properties as the Pedipo, simply moved into an adult sizing range, S-XL, so of course, most older children’s feet will require a small.

Something else that happens as children’s feet grow, is that they grow, increasing in height and stature.  This affects the forces going through the Foot:Shoe:Ground interface and will cause the durability of the device to be affected too.  In the cases where increased durability or support is required, then the TPD can be an option, though some children can find it a little harsh in the midfoot especially when they have a very mobile anatomically low arch.

Considering the above and also the inevitable balance that has to be struck between the support features of a ‘good’ shoe as the style, aesthetics and fundamentally the availability, it can be helpful to have the option of a device that doesn’t add bulk in the forefoot.  A recent addition to the X-Line family is the X-Line ¾ which is again based on the geometry of the Pedipod and TPD50 however it incorporates a plastic mesh on the underside which helps to stiffen the device, helping to resist deformation without being quite as harsh as the TPD.  Additionally, there is a slight under-bevel in the arch which not only helps it fit into slightly narrower footwear but offers the device some ‘give’, assisting comfort which is a boon.





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