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How to Put Insoles Inside Your Shoes

Fitting X-Line and Condition Specific Insoles to Shoes

To make sure your insoles are properly supporting your feet, you need to make sure they’re sitting in the right place in your shoe.  Fitting your insole to your shoe isn’t too difficult; here’s our guide:

How to Put Insoles in Shoes – Guide 

  • First, check if your shoes already come with their own insoles (sometimes called in-socks), and if these can be removed to give your new insoles more room.

Trainers and hiking boots usually come with removable in-socks that can be easily slipped out.

If the insole is stuck in, see if you can gently remove it.

The in-sock already in your shoes makes a great cutting guide if you need to trim your insole.

  • Next, you need to see if your insole fits inside your shoe. If it doesn’t, you might need to trim it:

Use the old in-sock from that shoe as a cutting guide when trimming to ensure you get the right shape and size.

If not, our advice is to trim small amounts from the front and sides of the toe area until you get the right size – you can always cut more away but you can’t stick the insole back together!

  • Finally, remember to take care when inserting the insole into your shoe – it’ll help it last longer:

When putting your insole into your shoe, angle the bottom of the insole towards the inside of the shoe at around 30-40°. The insole should slip in easily then.

Your insole will feel a little weird at first, but perfectly comfortable.  If you’d like to know more about how insoles should feel, you can read one of our other articles – Wearing insoles and what to expect



Fitting 9-5 insoles to shoes

Only wear 9-5 Heels Insoles in heels over 4cm tall.

Some insoles such as the 9-5 Heels and the 9-5 All Day should fit the shoes they are designed for without needing any adjustments or trimming.

Just make sure you put them in the right shoes:

  • 9-5 Heels only work in shoes with a heel height over 1 ½” or 4cm
  • 9-5 All Day are designed for slip-ons, oxfords, brogues and other narrow fitting shoes



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