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Football Foot Care

Feet and a ball is largely what football is all about, so not surprisingly foot care is important! Get things wrong and ingrowing toenail, blisters, athlete’s foot, and verrucae can ruin your game. Add in ankle sprains, arch strains, turf toe and heel pains and you start to realise that if you like football, you need to like a bit of foot care advice.


Hygiene is essential! Here are a few handy tips:

  • Dry your feet properly after bathing or getting your feet wet in a match. Be especially careful to dry between each toe.
  • Don’t use a moisturiser between your toes, as this can help fungi multiply. Try an astringent such as witch hazel instead.
  •  Wear cotton based socks. Materials such as CoolMax® used in many TOETOE® socks is particularly effective in reducing sweat, and the toe pockets reduce the risk of sweat gathering between toes.
  • Remove mucky, sweaty football socks as soon as possible.
  • Wearing TOETOE® socks spreads the toes, making a less suitable environment for fungus. Wear them after a game.
  • Wear roomy shoes as much as possible. Avoiding too much toe compression in your boots. A simple trick is to lace your boots as shown below:
  • Change your socks daily, rotate your shoes regularly. Always make sure boots are allowed to dry out completely before reusing.
  • Avoid walking around barefoot in public showers and locker rooms as much as possible.
  • Don’t share towels or socks or boots with other people, and ensuring your towels are washed regularly.
  • Use talcum powder with extreme caution as using too much between toes, will create a paste that holds toe moisture.
  • Use a little anti-fungal power in shoes and on insoles if you have had an infection previously.
  • Follow our boot cleaning advice.

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