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Fitting & Wearing The Calf Foot Pump Sock

Getting The Most From Your Socks


Not many people wear calf-length socks these days, so at first, they may feel strange.  The Foot Pump sock range has unique toe pockets which can also take some getting used to, but they are pleasantly comfortable…just don’t pull the socks too tight around this area.  These socks should be pulled up to just below your knee, rather than covering the knee, to ensure all-day comfort.



Wearing Your AchillesFixKit Socks

As soon as you experience pain in your Achilles or calf you can use your compression socks taking the following advice, but if you are going to use your socks while also using the AchillesFixKit tape, dust some talcum powder over your tape once you have applied it correctly, before attempting to put your socks on. This will prevent your tape from sticking to your socks.

  1. Slip your socks on over your toes making sure the big toe goes into the smaller toe pocket.
  2. Now make sure the other four toes sit comfortably in the larger toe pocket.
  3. Pull the sock over your heel and ankle.
  4. Once over the ankle pull your socks up so they end just below your knee. 
  5. Return to the toe area and make sure the toes sit comfortably and are free to move within their toe pocket (give your toes a wiggle).
  6. Finally, check that there are no large wrinkles anywhere in the socks.

It is beneficial to wear your AchillesFixKit socks on your injured leg, but there is no harm in wearing the other sock on the uninjured leg at the same time to match up. They may help prevent an injury on this side while your injured side is recovering.


AchillesFixKit Socks As A Prevention

Once you have had one calf muscle or Achilles injury you are more likely to get another if you don’t take a little extra care. This is why it is important to maintain regular use of the AchillesFixKit exercises even when your symptoms have resolved.

Cold muscles tend to be a little tight and can take a few minutes to warm up before the muscles and their tendons start to move more freely. Wearing your AchillesFixKit compression socks during exercise will keep your calf muscle nice and warm from the off. 

Keeping exercise-induced fluid levels in the calf and Achilles low can help prevent tissue congestion around the muscles and tendon, helping to keep free movement in the Achilles as you exercise.




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