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AchillesFixKit – Your Solution For Achilles Tendinopathy

What is Achilles tendinopathy? 

The Achilles tendon connects the calf muscles to the heel bone and helps you to push up on your tiptoes. Achilles tendinopathy is an injury to this tendon, most often due to an overload. The tendon is unable to cope with the strain being applied to it. It is usually confirmed by taking a medical history of the patient and completing a physical examination. It is a common injury affecting runners due to increased loads the tendon is under, having to overcome 4-6 times the force of body weight.

What are the symptoms of Achilles tendinopathy? 

The typical symptoms include pain, stiffness and some swelling of the back of the heel and ankle. Pain is often present first thing in the morning or when you begin to walk after resting for a period of time. The pain can be variable and it can improve as you keep moving. You may notice it can be painful after lots of weight-bearing activities such as walking or running. In some cases, the area may become red, warm and tender to touch, swollen or thickened in appearance. 

How is Achilles tendinopathy managed? 

To reduce pain in the short term you can try the following: 

    • Relative rest: reduce activities on your feet such as prolonged walking or running but you can maintain your fitness by doing other forms of exercise, such as cycling or swimming. 
    • Pain relief: painkillers may be used to provide short term pain relief.
    • Ice: applying ice, wrapped in a towel, can help with pain and swelling in the early stages. 
    • Footwear: Choosing supportive footwear and no flat shoes can help in relieving pain. 


As Achilles tendinopathy is related to the ability of the tendon to cope with load, exercises specific to strengthening this tendon will help healing and return to activity. Exercises specific to the tendon are needed to help recovery, but overloading the tendon may worsen the pain. 

Development of AchillesFixKit

The last few years has seen a more combined approach to the treatment of lower limb problems such as Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendinopathy. Many clinicians have recognised that a combination of orthotic therapy with rehabilitation and strengthening exercises has led to more rapid recovery in the patients’ conditions.

Here at we started working on the unique idea of creating a “kit” to combine several rehabilitation products with strengthening exercises a few years ago and this led to the development and launch of our HeelFixKit. Our customers found that the patients benefited from becoming engaged in their own treatment, combined with strong branding and online support as well as receiving everything they needed to treat their condition in one simple solution which resulted in a high perception of value in this approach.

We now enjoy supplying the HeelFixKit to both NHS Trusts and private practitioners alike who use it as an instant method of starting the patient upon their rehabilitation.

Such was the success of the HeelFixKit that we considered replicating this treatment approach and developed the new AchillesFixKit which again combines high quality products to encourage and speed the journey to recovery from this specific ailment.

What’s In The AchillesFixKit?

Product Support

The AchillesFixKit has been based upon years of successful clinical interventions combining these approaches. Following the same pattern as our HeelFixKit we have created the AchillesFixKit Hub which serves to inform patients about their condition and understand the mechanism of the injury and then the path of rehabilitation they can follow. 

Strengthening and stretching exercises are featured along with products that they will find useful, including our X-Line AT insole and foot therapy band.

For further information for yourself or to pass on to your patients, visit the new AchillesFixKit hub here.




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